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This app is not to be used to report any form of police or law enforcement issues. In the event of a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

For general information or reporting issues contact 3-1-1 or 503-823-4000 (if outside Multnomah County) or 311@portlandoregon.gov. We can assist community members in many different languages. When calling, share your preferred language and expect 2-5 minutes to connect with an interpreter.

For bug reports or feature requests for this app, send email to {{SupportEmail}}.

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Report and request service calls to city assets and infrastructure.

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To start a new report, select a report type by tapping on it. Then follow the on-screen instructions for completing the report form. All required fields must be completed before submitting.

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Please note that we're unable to accurately display the status for all report types, due to limitations in the workflows and systems used by the various City bureaus.

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PDX Reporter Help

IMPORTANT: This app should not be used to report emergencies of any kind. In the event of a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

How to Use This App

How to report an issue »

  1. After logging in, the New Report panel will be displayed. Select a report type to begin. OR, tap the user icon in the upper-right corner and select New Report (mobile), or select New Report from the main navigation (desktop).
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to provide the location of the issue, and may be asked to provide a photo or other details.
  3. Your name and email address are already included in your user profile. Some report types also require a daytime phone number in order for action to be taken. If you provided a phone number in your profile, you do not need to include it in the body of your report.
  4. Tap the Submit Report button to send us your report, or tap the Reset Form button to start over.

How to view your existing reports »

  1. Tap the user icon in the upper-right corner (mobile).
  2. Select the My Reports link.

How to change your contact information or password »

  1. Tap the user icon in the upper-right corner (mobile), or hover over the user icon (desktop).
  2. Tap your username at the top of the menu. You will be redirected to the PortlandOregon.gov website in a new tab or window, where you may update your information. You will be asked to re-authenticate with username and password before accessing this sensitive information.
  3. After making your changes, close the tab or window to retutrn to PDX Reporter.

How to add this app to your smartphone or tablet home screen »

Your phone or tablet home screen isn't just for apps you get from the app store. You can add this web app to your home screen and use it just like a native mobile app.

How to store your password in your browser for future logins »

If you don't want to type in your username and password every time you use this app, you may save your login in your browser. This should only be done when using a smartphone or non-public computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did PDX Reporter change from a native phone app to a web app? »

The web-based version of PDX Reporter was launched in 2017 to allow more streamlined maintenance and addition of new features, while providing the same functionality as previous versions. Unlike native iOS or Android apps, a web app can be used on any device with a modern web browser, can be easily updated as the need arises, and can be configured to launch from your phone's home screen just like a native app.

Is my information private? »

The information you provide in a PDX Reporter report may be subject to public records laws and cannot be redacted once submitted. With the exception of your email address, the contact information you provided when you signed up for an account on portlandoregon.gov may also be subject to public information requests. However, your address and telephone number are not required fields in your account profile. You may view and modify your portlandoregon.gov profile at any time.

How soon will someone respond to my report? »

PDX Reporter services multiple different City bureaus, and each one has its own workflow for processing citizen reports. Response times depend on the type of report and the availability of City employees to respond.

What does the report status mean (Open, Referred, Closed)? »

The status Open typically means the report has been received but not yet addressed. How the report is handled after that depends on the type of issue and the indivudual City bureau responsible.

Closed typically means the issue has been addressed. However, some bureaus may update the report with a Closed status once they've referred it to another agency ("closed" from their perspective).

Referred means the issue has been forwarded to another bureau or agency, such as Portland General Electric. Once referred, the issue will no longer be managed by the original bureau and may not be updated to indicate closure.

Can I view more detail about my report? »

Additional details are not currently available through the app. At present, we suggest contacting City bureaus directly. Contact information can be found on the Portland.gov website, or contact the PDX 311 Customer Service Program.

I'm having trouble logging in. What can I do? »

  1. Clear your browser history, cache and cookies.
  2. Try logging in at https://www.portlandoregon.gov/myaccount.cfm?login=1 to verify your credentials. The same login is used for both.
  3. If you still cannot log in, you may use the Forgot Password feature in the app or on portlandoregon.gov. If you don't immediately receive password reset instructions by email, please wait a few minutes and make sure to check the spam folder in your email client.

Other Ways to Reach the City of Portland

For general information concerning city issues, or to report an issue not covered by PDX Reporter, please contact the PDX 311 Customer Support Program.

You may also visit and search our website to find contact information for specific bureaus: portland.gov.

The City of Portland will never release personal profile or contact information provided by the user of this application to any outside company or organization unless legally required to do so. However, any information provided in reports submitted through this application becomes part of the public record and cannot be expunged.


Before reporting issues with this app, please try clearing your browser history and cookies, then reload the app and try again.

You must have a portlandoregon.gov account in order to use PDX Reporter. If you are having trouble logging in, visit that site and try logging in to verify your credentials.

To report a problem with this this app, send email to {{SupportEmail}}. This address is for reporting app issues ONLY.